What is inkjet photo paper?

The paper is compared with the digital inkjet photo paper. Before the digital camera, the photos are the use of photographic inkjet photo paper developed in the film after exposure, the load in the physical sheet to show the picture effect, and in the high-tech technology today, inkjet photo paper gradually introduced to the stage of history, in addition to some passport need inkjet photo paper, most of all to stay in the network and electronic photos the digital equipment.

In order to keep these precious historical images from disappearing, inkjet photo paper should be digitally preserved as soon as possible. Once broken to the point where it cannot be repaired, this loss is not something that money can buy.

Now let’s introduce two kinds of digital preservation of inkjet photo paper photos:
1. It is best to scan a inkjet photo paper picture with a scanner. Home has a computer and a scanner, you can put the old photos scanned into the computer, the important thing is to remember to put the scanner software in the resolution setting to 1200 resolution scan, too much is not necessary, the scanning picture format to.Jpg format image files, the minimum, the best quality.

2.You can use digital cameras to remake, but you must high-end camera, such as studio SLR camera, the most important thing is not to shoot deformation. And the clarity of the camera, no digital clutter. When shooting at a high resolution of about 1200 pixels, or more, to shoot macro (is nearly partner), find a good light, put the photos in your shadow without occlusion place (don’t hit remake, flash flash will make the pictures produced a remake of the halo).

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