The best Glossy one-sided inkjet photo paper

Print high quality brochures, marketing materials or flyers with HP professional inkjet paper. Measuring 11 inches by 17 inches, the 48-pound stock is enough to satisfy business needs. Double-sided smooth surface can offset inkjet printing single side or double side print job, the brightness of the $90 and 98 euros means every paper is dynamic, blank canvas can capture and reflect more light, so that the color of the print and graphics display clear and bright.

Our wide range of brands introduce quality and price benchmarking for quality broadsheet inkjet printing paper. Dynamic team including luster, half luster, silks and satins type of media, and coated with resin coating and microporous decorative surface glossy inkjet paper, and a variety of weight and width of matt coated inkjet paper.We provide from our comprehensive inventory, including 13 “, 17 “18” 24 “width of 420 mm A2, 420 mm A1 (36” 42 “914 mm, 1067 mm / 1160 mm 44” ink roller, until the 54 “60” we media, including Canon, Epson, HP, Oce and xerox and other brand products, each product page clearly shows the related FSC, PEFC, iso 14001 or Recycled stamps – for you to provide the required environmental information.

Glossy one-sided inkjet photo paper. Used for printing realistic images. Dimensions 10×15,50 pieces, weight 180 g/m2. Compatible with dye ink.Smooth gloss of glossy inkjet paper. They are ideal for printing bright, saturated color images with lots of hues and colors. The digital photos on the glossy paper have a traditional look and feel for the photos.We suggest that you use dye ink to print on the glossy inkjet paper. Pigment printing ink that contains coarse colorant particles may be smudge on the printed image. Dye ink absorbs and dries quickly, providing a stable and saturated image.

For cost-effective paper, see our range of values. The high resolution inkjet coating on the paper allows you to get professional standard photos by printing on an inkjet printer. Professional photographers use the best inkjet paper commercially, and domestic users can benefit from printing at home from these high-quality products.

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