Best and cheap inkjet photo paper for sale

We have been trying to print high quality images on ordinary printing paper. Although the document does adapt to the image, the results can be quite poor. This is related to the structural differences between ordinary paper and inkjet photo paper.

On the other hand,cheap inkjet photo paper is divided into two main types. One type includes a barrier coating, which is usually a higher level of microporous paper, and a barrier that does not place the inkjet receiver directly on the paper. The latter is usually made of cast paper and glossy high resolution paper. Compared with the microporous type, the quality of the cast paper is poor.

At any time, a new coating is made, a comprehensive test system will be carried out, and the paper will not reach 5000 square meters in one square meter. In this test phase, more science and technology will be implemented. For example, infrared lasers and fine resolution cameras are used to check for defects in the surface of each image paper made.

Resin coated ink – coated paper (also known as “true base color”) is a high-quality paper base that has been encapsulated in two thin layers of polyethylene. The back is clear; The surface layer is painted white to enhance the brightness of the image. Resin coated inkjet photo paper is the same type of paper used for halogenated silver darkroom. They provide excellent gloss, smoothness, whiteness and opacity, and prevent the ripple (” wrinkling “) of the heavy ink load. The resin coated photographic paper can be coated with a swelling ink (used for dye ink) or porous ink for receiving coatings (for dyes or pigment ink).

You have been looking at other inkjet photo paper stock is likely to be photo paper, just don’t apply the marketing term, but there are different types of structures – what is best for you, depends on whether your printer output dyes or pigments for example.

China Manufacturer High Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper

We are the manufacturer of hihg quality and globla exporter registered glossy inkjet photo paper for a very good price. We provide the product weight from 115g, 135g, 150g, 180g, 210g, 230g, 250g, 260g inkjet glossy paper, with the following specifications:

  • Strong 100% water resistance
  • High brightness
  • Unable to crease and deform after drowning
  • 100% compatible with dyes and pigment ink
  • Real photography look and feel
  • Instant drying and smudging
  • 5760dpi, scratch-resistant.
  • All desktop and large surface ink-jet printers are compatible

High gloss inkjet photo paper is used for high resolution picture poster printing, home and office print photo images, graphics printing, advertising, business presentations, reports, leaflets, design, coated photo paper greeting CARDS, etc.It has good compatibility with coloring ink, and the image on this paper will be extremely dry.

With high whiteness, high gloss inkjet paper can provide you with the highest color range. High gloss inkjet photo paper is a bright white and glossy surface coated paper. It is an ideal medium for daily photo printing. It can provide clear, vivid and high quality colors for printed image images. Our glazed inkjet paper is waterproof and the ink will dry quickly.Support high resolution as high as 5760 dpi. The cheap inkjet paper is suitable for all kinds of inkjet printers.

A2 size, professional real photo paper originally designed for professional photo developers. The high resolution inkjet coating on the paper can be used to print professional standard photos by printing on inkjet printers. Professional photographers use these documents commercially, and domestic users can obtain these high-quality products at home.The A2 inkjet photo paper in this range is from Europe or Japan, not from China. These provide consistent and consistent supply throughout the year.