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Wholesale inkjet photo paper reels consist of their own products and products produced by Xerox Co. Our company is one of the world’s largest and most respected manufacturers of inkjet inkjet paper, paper and media.

The series includes various types of reels, inkjet paper manufacturers coated with pigment (UV) and dye based inks are fully compatible, such as UltraChrom, Vivera, K3 and so on.All the substrates are microporous coatings that are instantly dried with excellent color and resolution.Compatible with large printers and plotters for all water-based inks, i.e., Epson, HP, Canon, Mutoh, Mimaki, etc..

Range includes various types of rolls, from polypropylene rolls to microcellular rolls, and more. Orders are usually processed on the same day, and we intend to send them to you in second days. We offer high quality and cost effective wholesale inkjet photo paper. If you want to discuss your exact requirements with our sales team, please contact via phone, email or online chat, each volume has an adapter of 2 and 3 to fit the diameter core of your printer.

Quality A5 inkjet photographic paper is very popular as invitations and greeting cards. They usually weigh between 260 grams and 280 grams in GSM, and when they are saved, the inkjet paper manufacturers feels thicker, so when it’s used as a special occasion card or photo, it’s a good fit. The high quality coatings used in these papers improve the quality of the printed records, so they won’t fade or turn yellow very soon. A4 is half the size of A5, can accommodate a maximum of DPI, you may not need the operation of printer ink, can also not cheap alternatives that apply.

In accordance with your order, we can provide printer configuration files in some cases to help you set up inkjet printers. In other cases, it’s easy to understand printer settings in this article. Applicable to any wholesale inkjet photo paper that uses ordinary, dye or pigment inks.

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We have all sizes and types of paper needed for offices or homes. From value – based A4 inkjet photo paper manufacturers to large format inkjet photo paper and even business cards, we have everything you need, regardless of your requirements or budget. Magnetic paper, T-Shirts, transfer paper, double-sided photographic paper, we have it all.

6×4 photo paper is an ordinary album size suitable for off the shelf albums. The size is similar to the 10 x 15 cm option, and 6×4 is the smallest size the printer can handle. Printing on photo paper 6×4 ensures that you print economically rather than buy larger sizes, and you have to waste in tailoring sizes. If you have sent the photos to the photo lab for printing, then these photos are likely to be the size print you received. Another option is a slightly larger 7×5. The size also applies to walls or table frames. You might see the same choice in wholesale inkjet photo paper 10×15 category, as some customers refer to this dimension in their empire definition, while others measure it.

7×5 photo paper is a slightly larger album size print, and is also suitable for mounting in table and wall frames. The size is equivalent to 13 x 18 cm, and this choice makes it easier to view because of the larger print surface. If you intend to inkjet photo paper manufacturers 7×5 into the album, please check if it fits this size, as most albums are designed to remain slightly smaller than 6×4’s size. You might see the same choice in our photo paper 13×18 category, as some customers refer to this dimension in their empire definition, while others measure it.

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