High quality glossy inkjet photo paper

The double sided glossy Cast coated inkjet photo paper specially is water resistant, with bright white Glossy surface finish, for water-based Dye ink printing on desktop inkjet printers paper. This glossy inkjet photo paper is fast dry, anti-smear, anti-fading, vivid color performance after inkjet printing. It is ideally for photo printing in office use, home use, photo album, etc. A lot of different popular sizes is available, such as A4, A3, 4R, 8.5″*11″ etc.

Resin coated 260gsm Satin inkjet photo paper 260gsm
  • 260gsm satin
  • 7 layer top coat MICRO-POROUS coating technology adopts two layer resin coating bottom layer
  • waterproof, instant drying
  • microporous and resin coatings
  • advanced Satin photographic paper is suitable for dye and pigment inks (for all desktops and large printers, such as Canon, HP, ESPON, etc.)
  • superb photographic quality
  • excellent image definition, good color performance
  • bright colors and provide a high resolution print output
  • direct acceptance of producer sources and OEM services
  • inkjet paper and environmental protection
  • apply to weed and photography studio, CAD, GIS output, etc.

Imatec Inkjet Photo Paper is a series of inkjet coated paper which is different from 100gsm to 270gsm. A single-sided, double-sided coating from rough matte to gloss different casting.
The paper is A4, A3, A2, A5, A6, A3 + size, and photo size is 10 X15 cm.
Imatec inkjet photo paper is a versatile product of high quality for all inkjet technologies, such as hot air jet or the use of dye based inks, piezoelectric inks, and pigment inks. All inkjet photo paper has been specially designed and thoroughly tested and can be fully compatible with any OEM, Epson, HP, Lexmark and other leading OEM printers.

Product specification
Apply to all inkjet printers
2. weight 120g ~ 260g
3. dimensions A3, A4, A6, 4R volumes
4.inkjet photo paper
1.Made of pure paper pulp with high whiteness
2.The most suitable for full color inkjet printer paper special coating and advanced printing ink curing technology.
3. Can immediately absorb the ink on the surface of the paper, so that the printing effect of non permeability.
4. Supports high resolution (4800dpi) printers, even small characters, which create print quality at the photo level.
5. Absorb moisture, dry, fast, print text and pictures, will not penetrate the surface of the paper.
It has a perfect impact on all brands of inkjet printers paper.

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