Cheap and excellent inkjet paper online

I would like to share my favorite inkjet paper with you and try to explain why I chose them. There are many excellent wholesale inkjet paper reviewed with DMax, paper based reflectance, gloss analysis, and various items to be evaluated (along with endless color matrices and steps in wedge printing). These are very useful in some cases, but not all of them are too good for a paper.

When all B&W’s works are printed in the darkroom, only a small number of critics have done a lot of technical analysis of the cheap photo paper. What people do is making a print, and decide which one best! Therefore, I decide what is best: what newspapers have my favourite photos? After all, if the final results do not let Mk my eye, so it is no measure of what significance! It is very subjective so, please remember.

In my opinion, Canon’s wholesale inkjet paper, Pro Premium Matte, is best suited to the printed material you want people to handle and experience in their hands. It can be loose sheets, or some sort of bound album. Anyway, I think when you touch it, it really shines. In addition, no cover printing can also benefit from matte surface, because they do not reflect the light, as long as it does not conflict with the subject (i.e. matte paper may not be suitable for the portrait).

The amount of incident light reflected by a brightness paper. In the range of 0 to 100, the 0 indicates that the paper hardly reflects light, and 100 indicates that the cheap photo paper reflects all incoming light. Like Canon’s professional sheen, the brightness of the Pro Premium Matte is 92 degrees and is measured using the ISO standard. These two papers, of course, are different. In my opinion, I have no scientific way to measure this, professional people seem to be less than professional luster. This may be entirely related to a slight difference between surface gloss and reflected light.

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