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High quality photos of inkjet paper

High gloss, bright white, resin coated  inkjet photo paper.Print high quality photos of glass frames and photo albums.Applying waterproof quick dry noodles.The feeling of traditional photos.Also available in professional wide reel sizes.Permanent print – save your precious memories and learn more.Offer a variety of sizes – find the perfect paper for your project and learn more.Satisfaction guaranteed by EPSON, support, learn more.High quality photo paper with a high gloss, very suitable for printing your favorite and magnifying glass, used in glass frames and photo albums. This inkjet paper has a smooth, bright white resin coating for coating and waterproofing properties of raw materials.

Glossy resin coated photographic paper, especially waterproof, shiny and smooth, suitable for water-based paints and dye inks, inkjet printers. This glossy inkjet photo paper is a quick drying, antifouling, anti fading, bright color display after inkjet printing paper.
(1) waterproof, 260gsm, RC Gloss Inkjet Photo Paper.
(2) high density, wide color gamut, high definition and clarity, contrast is very obvious.
(3) special resin coating processing.
(4) waterproof, anti ultraviolet function.
(5) unique fast drying ink technology instantly absorbs ink.
(6) advanced ink curing layer to maintain more durable images.
(7) create professional photo print quality results.
(8) RC paper based resin coating has better waterproof performance than double faced coating.
(9) the printed image with the highest resolution is clearly displayed, which is equivalent to the printed inkjet paper.

1) bright white, glossy inkjet paper, suitable for photo reprints, photo proofs and contact lists.
2) vivid image quality, color saturation highest
3) produce bright colors and razor sharp text
4) immediately dry, excellent quality output of photographic images
5) widely used in various brands of color inkjet printers paper
1) photo quality, waterproof, apply to 5760 DPI
2) bright white paper on a brilliant color image
3) thicker than ordinary paper, so the color will not pass through
4) suitable for communications, holiday letters and other inkjet photo papers and text print
5) suitable for family or office use
6) accepting OEM orders

Features of inkjet photographic paper inkjet photo paper

A variety of products including wholesale trader, inkjet photographic paper inkjet photo paper satin, Nova Jet, photo paper, Novajet multi-purpose self-adhesive labels, matte inkjet paper and Novajet digital print media.

Resin coated base layer permits you to get Water Proof Photographic prints, Professional Image quality with instant dry property.The bright white base permits you to get professional image quality with vivid and vibrant colors for your Digital Images, photo proofs etc.

The inkjet photo papers are available in Matte, High-glossy, RC based (resin coated), Premium Satin in various densities from 108 to 260 gsm. Also available Dual side Glossy” photo papers, Self Adhesive” inkjet photo papers etc.Applications includeprofessional photographs (like passport, ID and 4”X 6”, A4, A3 ), Business broachers, catalogues, project reports, photo books, proofs, product inserts, mailers, stickers etc.

We provide Inkjet Matte Paper we provide matte paper, which is characterized in that the screen printing glossy double-sided coating and silk matte medium, ensure absolutely clear, sharp and brilliant printing, with elegant gloss or matte. Some of its functions include:
Features –
Smooth surface
Extra snow white
Clean paper pulp
chemical treatment

Application –
Photo IDS passport photo
Image restoration
Client demo contrast proofreading
Simulation / fool
Promotional materials:
Poster / P.O.Ps Handbook and catalog

Inkjet paper
1) specification for inkjet paper (casting, coating)
2) bright white, instant drying
3) we provide 110gsm, 130gsm and 110gsm 140gsm matte inkjet paper, 220gsm, 250gsm, double-sided light inkjet paper
4) dimensions: A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, 4R, 5R, 6R, letter sizes and wide volumes (610mm, x, 30m, 914mm, x, 30m)
5) resolution: easy to support 720 – 2880dpi
6) apply to any inkjet printer
7) our photo paper include: Inkjet paper, Inkjet glossy photo paper, double-sided matte inkjet paper, double-sided glossy photo paper, RC photo paper glossy photo paper, silk, self-adhesive photo paper, self-adhesive paper Inkjet, CD / DVD label and name card paper
8) we can provide a wide range of sizes and weights for the customer’s requirements
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1.ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified factories, employs more than 520 people, the factory covers an area of 11600 square meters
2. output: 3 million cartridges, toner cartridges 150 thousand
3., perfect after-sales service