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Leading manufacturer and supplier of quality inkjet paper

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality inkjet paper rolls. In addition, due to the large capacity, we can meet customers’ bulk orders in the stipulated time. The products we offer are made by our professional expertise to remember customers’ requirements and perfect perfect manufacturing.

Whether you’re looking for quality inkjet photo paper or glossy inkjet paper, your digital photo or photo paper prints at home, we’re all one-stop solutions for you to meet all your requirements. We offer some of the best papers in these categories at unmatched prices. There are various sizes of photo paper, and under each category, you can choose. The paper types you can find in our store are satin, matte, glazed paper and special craft types of inkjet and laser paper.

Coated paper: most of the inkjet paper is coated with a layer of chemical adhesive, which can absorb ink more accurately and obtain better image quality. Note that some of the paper has a simple coating on one side and clear on the front and back, while others are coated on all sides.
Burnish: one of the most common types of photographic paper, glossy inkjet paper coated with glossy, glossy emulsion to print rich color depth and bold shine.
Matte: Duller and more low-key, matte inkjet photo paper is also often painted, although the coating looks softer. Uncoated paper is often referred to as “lustrous”, although this is a bit inappropriate. Just remember that the coated paper has a dull surface, and the uncoated paper must have a glossy quality surface.

In inkjet compatible paper, the absorption of color is completely completed by the coating technology of the paper. The inkjet coated paper has a chemical coating that is designed to take the wet jets of ink and prevent them from spreading when they hit paper. Good will not distort inkjet printing paper itself (remember, you are essentially use liquid spray paper), while maintaining a clear image quality, and maintain the printer to withstand wide color gamut and tonal range.

Choose our 27 lb matte/glossy inkjet paper

This glossy inkjet paper is perfect for making everything from simple posters to DIY decorations. So if you want to bring some fun to paper, and make those boring, don’t know how to make your handiwork days lag behind, choose our glossy inkjet paper! Boredom, boredom and yawning are definitely not included. Get your glossy inkjet paper and CARDS today!

In general, you may want your inkjet paper and a little bit heavy laser paper, so that it can support your printer, and create as inkjet or laser printer is allowed to clear and clear documentation. This is why the Sam club offers a brighter, heavier paper size for your inkjet printer. You can order as many pounds as you want. Weight, 97 brightness inkjet paper for your inkjet price, you just need to see it.

The simple elegant metal series paper is a simple and elegant metal Moonglow paper. This picture contains a gold resin coated base with a microjet – jet coating for immediate drying printing of your inkjet printers. Just like our other metal inkjet paper, if you want to provide a unique effect for your favorite images, this unique media effect will be very good. Unlike our pure gold and sterling silver paper, Moonglow does not require you to spray the surface of the medium. Moonglow USES a microporous inkjet to accept the coating. When your printer comes out of the printer, it dries immediately.

If you are using a laser printer, you may want to light a bit, so Sam ‘s Club provides the reasonable price of laser printer paper, its brightness is 98, designed specifically for laser print documents. This matte inkjet paper, weighing 27 lb, can withstand heavy pound inks and charts, charts, and even the colors of the photos.