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High speed inkjet photo paper

Inkjet photo paper printer specialty-purpose magnetic paper, vivid color output, fidelity to original photos, clear-cut and natural lines, on a par with fancy photo paper.This product can be directly attached on any iron surface such as refrigerators, whiteboards, iron cabinets, etc.DIY tailor-made sizes available.Fancy photo magnetic paper, directly printing, tailoring for time-saving and cost-efficiency.Birthday, traveling, graduated classmate get-togethers, optimized long-lasting souvenirs.Direct output of creations, advertisements and drawings. Backside combined with soft magnet for long-lasting collection.The finished can be directly attached on iron surfaces such as blackboards, whiteboards, etc.

High transfer rate,Superb Color,high color reduction degree.Dry quickly and good Anti-wrap resistance,Excellent Ink Release,absorbing ink speed quickly.Super transfer efficiency, up to is significantly higher than similar products in the market.Uniform coating,No wet cockling, flying print without wrinkly.Small deformation,Clear image and can be save for long times after printed.Suitable Printer:MS-JP/ Reggiani / DGI / D-gen?these high speed Inkjet photo paper printers.

100% waterproof, instant dry, up to 5760 dpi, perfect color perspective and expression;Suitable for dye ink and pigment ink;Ideal for all inkjet printers;Used for advertising, photography, exhibition graphics, Greeting Cards and Business Cards. Color Brochures, CAD Drawing, etc…Provides photographic quality prints in vivid colors.Thin and compatible with all series of Epson, HP or Lexmark color Inkjet photo paper printers.Create your own personalized magnetic photographs.Great for business cards, labels and promotional items.Uses are limited only by your imagination.

Can use dye ink and pigment ink. Better use for pigment ink.Works on all Inkjet photo paper printer.Light heat transfer paper use for white color clothing.Dark heat transfer Inkjet photo paper use for other dark color cloithing. (like yellow, black, red, brown, ect).Use heat press machine or Iron to transfer it on T shirt.High effective, color keep for longyears.Transfer paper operating instructions.Printing the picture, cut and peel the blank part off.Take the photo off slowly.Put the Inkjet photo paper on the cotton.Place a grase proof Inkjet photo paper onto the picture.Add a fibric on it.Set heat press machine at 200 degree for 20 seconds.

Print by Sublimation ink.Print image by printer with piezo printhead like Reggiani, MS JP Inkjet photo paper printer.Sublimation paper is widely used for fiber cloth, ceramic mugs and plates, metal sheet,garment, bedsheet ,curtain,bed cover,sofa etc.Could not use on the 100% pure cotton textile.