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单节6助攻 哈登助火箭一节逆转     the Rockets beat 100-93 away the magic, the 7 game winning streak, the core of James harden had 14 points and 10 assists and 7 rebounds, including 6 assists in the third quarter to cheap inkjet photo paper help the Rockets to a climax of the score, and the final victory.

Yesterday just experienced with the thunder of fierce battle, the Rockets went to Florida to challenge the magic, physical fitness is the biggest problem of the rocket. The game Harden adjust the game strategy, began actively to cheap inkjet photo paper fix individual attack. However, the first half of the offensive efficiency is not high, only 4 of the cast of 10, a total of three points in the 0, only got 8 points and 4 assists, the Rockets also 44-52 behind the magic.

Seeing the situation wrong, the second half harden converts the ideas, by actively pass for my teammates better scoring opportunities. The effect is immediate, in 1 minutes and 34 seconds, the rockets hit the 11-0 attack wave, including the 3 record three points, in one fell swoop over the score. Harden contributed two assists in the attack. The magic will not sit still, pause to strengthen the defense, the Rockets forced many mistakes. But the Rockets with Harden, when the ball is in his hand, he can always find the open man, half day not, Harden has 5 assists and only 4 assists cheap inkjet photo paper in the first half he. With Anderson harden ball, hit the fourth day record three points, 6 assists to complete the single harden, played 35-23 climax, the Rockets take the initiative.

Based on this wave force pad section third of the team win, but also won the sufficient rest time for fighting back to back harden. The fourth section has been to harden with 5 minutes and 43 seconds before. Soon after playing with cheap inkjet photo paper a cast to help the Rockets build a 7 point lead at the end of the race, the magic has been powerless.

The harden had 14 points and 10 assists and 7 rebounds, while 15 voted 5 to three, 8 to 0, the attack efficiency is low, but he promptly change the strategy to cheap inkjet photo paper help the team to outsmart the magic, made 7 in a row, continue to chase West two. At the same time the Rockets this season second back-to-back games 9 wins and 0 losses, the league is the only unbeaten team.

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The quarterback Andrew ruck finally accepted the surgery.The Indianapolis Colts owner Jim irsay said Thursday morning he had just received surgical treatment on his right shoulder injury plagued since 2015. Irsay said Iraq will be ready to participate in the 2017 season.The recovery schedule cheap inkjet photo paper nfl will give him three months to pass, and it will take him about six months to recover. This means that he will be fully restored before the start of training camp in mid July.

The shoulders are a hidden danger throughout the 2016 season. He often appears in the injury report because of his shoulder. But his coach cheap inkjet photo paper nfl and chuck Pagano are of no great importance that the injuries. La missed a game due to a concussion this season.

Irsay said in December that he does not need surgery. Earlier this month, when asked whether they need surgery and said, “I don’t think.” But after a few weeks, he needs surgery.Pony missed the playoffs for second consecutive seasons. In the league’s worst partition, partition with best cheap inkjet photo paper quarterback case, pony in the next season and will not be very difficult to return the playoffs. First they need a healthy clark. This time they need to keep him healthy.

Thursday in ESPN program Peterson stressed that their worth $18 million salary, but he also understood that the team may be in this offseason choose to break up with him. “If I can’t rebuild my contract, I want to find a place where I feel comfortable with my family. There is a chance to compete for the championship team, “Peterson explained. “My main goal is to join a team that can win the championship. A team with a good defensive team and a good attacking system. A team with cheap inkjet photo paper nfl an excellent coach, which will help win the championship.” Peterson later said the New York giants, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Houston Dezhou people he considered home. Of course, any potential home want to know Peterson at the age of 31 and have knee meniscus tear effect of season 37 rushing average only 1.9 yards out after long campaign plan.

“I’d say 5 more years, that’s the right length of time for me,” said Peterson. “The reason I said 5 years was that I wanted to spend more time with my kids, but I’m sure I could do it for another 5 years.”Nearly 4 years ago, Peterson predicted that he would eventually break the league’s history record. At the end of the 2014 season, he said he had just entered the peak of his career. Because he is very protective cheap inkjet photo paper of his body, Peterson has always believed that he can maintain a professional bowl to 36 or 37 years old. No matter which team he played for in the 2017 season, Peterson insists he will be ready to deliver high performance.”