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Before the game, Anthony NUPI team, said Nicks must turn around as soon as possible, otherwise this season will be wasted. As the team leader, Anthony set an example, he voted 10 in the field of the contribution of 23 points cheap inkjet photo paper nba in the second quarter, once again show the league’s top singles ability in the 19. In addition to personal attack, Anthony also played well in the field pass, sent 6 assists, the team will drive up, defend the home to stop the defeat of Nicks.

This is the second time the two teams clash this season, the last fight (November 5th), Nicks away 117-104 victory over the bulls, Ross in the game to get 15 points, 7 rebounds and 11 assists. The two teams have important players missing in the war, Jimmy Butler and Milo Diqy bull due to illness, Nicks Pohl Zingis left Achilles tendon pain due to the absence of. Ross appears before cheap inkjet photo paper nba leaving the campaign before the storm, introduce players, Nicks fans to cheer for Ross home court expressed support. Ross face the old club bulls after the opening state is not good, even with 4 points to lead the played 8-0 start. Wade has hit the end of bull bull scoring, spare no effort to catch up will be reduced to 1 points difference. Ross even two goals for Nicks to stabilize the situation in the first quarter of 4, Ross shot 3 of 2 free throws to get 8 points, Nicks resisted the bull’s counterattack, to keep the lead at the end of the first quarter of 24-22.

The second day war, Justin holiday even in the two record three points, Nicks again set up a 8 point lead. Maikawei three bulls counterattack horn sounded, the Bulls more flowering play super Nicks 13-2. Anthony come forward even in the 3 ball, Nicks re lead. The game into a stalemate state, two teams alternating lead. Rondo even sent assists cheap inkjet photo paper nba the bulls to bite the score, Ross with rod layup air dodge the exciting action. Anthony has hit, Ross singled out Rondo to 2+1 air force to break the tie. Rondo make a comeback, fast dribble to the front, middle distance jump shot hit the buzzer, the bulls 51-54 3 points behind Nicks to complete the first half competition. Rondo 4 points in the first half and 7 assists, Ross 15 points, Anthony, 14 points.

The second half of the curtain, Nicks firepower, everyone on the field points, while Wade is the only one who take the bull. The third quarter played for 8 minutes, Wade scored in this section of the score, the other players in this section of cheap inkjet photo paper nba the bulls have not scored, Nicks opened the gap between the 11 points of the 8. Gibson made two fouls in the whole, the Bulls finally have players except Wade in the third quarter to take points. Quinn first received the Anthony pass dunk, then rebound two attack succeeded, Nicks will lead expanded to 13 points. The Bulls even after 4 minutes, Ross again to break Rondo’s defensive layup scored, Nicks 76-65 lead bulls 11 points in the fourth quarter. Wade in the first three zhanba 12 points, NBA score ranked history beyond Bob Petit, ranked thirty-fifth.

Fourth decisive battle, Jennings hit three points, led by a score of 14 points, Nicks. Wade is the first shot scored, then to break into the box with a dunk, struggling to catch up with the bulls. Nicks two substitute midfielder Quinn and Cruz Cummings Cass teamed up to help Nicks get points, will be widened to 15 points. The bulls in cheap inkjet photo paper nba Wade under the leadership of the Jedi counterattack, another bull old Nuo A a heavy blow to his old club, dribbling complete dunks, Nicks to help stabilize the situation. On the right side of Anthony’s ball game, pass the bottom line cut Cruz Cummings Cass layup, Nicks before the end of 2 minutes and 36 seconds ahead of 12 points. Wade Jielian assists Grant nailed three points, Anthony hit singles off from giving back, Nicks still holds 12 points. The bull powerless, Nicks steady home court victory.

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     Home court battle Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott attack first, sitting in his pocket pass, led the team to a road of advance. Came to the midfield line, running Ezekiel Elliott ball 13 yards. Then face the four file, the team decided to try a free kick 56 yards, but the kicker Dan Bailey shooting distance is not enough. The Cowboys shot after the failure, the pirates began to cheap inkjet photo paper nfl attack on the 46 yard line, and took over the Mike Evans pirate cornerback Brandon Carr caused the Cowboys defensive interference ball foul, 21 yards. Final rookie player Roberto Aguayo hit 25 yards free kick, pirate 3:0 cowboys.

Mike Prescott has maintained a good feel, pass to find Cole Beasley scored 22 yards, and 15 yards down the line Lance Dunbar. Finally, Dan Bailey in the line before it hits the 27 yard free kick, cowboy 3:3 pirates. The game in the second quarter, Jameis Winston Terrell McClain by the Vikings quarterback sacks and dropped the ball, the Cowboys get the ball cheap inkjet photo paper nfl on the 14 yard line of pirates. Then run IzehKil Elliot hit the ball 2 yards to score, cowboy 10:3 leading pirates. With the pirates out of three, cowboy again won the ball, Prescott’s first own red ball 15 yards, 21 yards long and Brice Butler. Before scoring line, Mike Prescott hit the ball 2 yards to score, the cowboy will lead to 17:3.

The pirates wide receiver Mike Evans completed 18 yard ball and rookie wide receiver Freddie Martino is also connected with the Winston Jamis long with 25 yards, Roberto Aguayo hit a 34 yard free kick, pirate 6:17 jeans. On two minutes of the first half, Mike Prescott continuous short push to the midfield line near Dez Bryant in the middle, take the ball ran 23 yards. Four file 14 yards, the Cowboys try a 52 yard free kick, this Dan Bailey shot across the left post wide. This time from the end of cheap inkjet photo paper nfl the first half and 8 seconds, Winston Jamis “Hail Marie pass by Byron Jones tour who steals two teams, with the score 17:6 in the second half.

The second half of the first pirate attack, Mike Evans completed 13 yard ball, helping the team into the second half cowboy. Three to 1 yards, Winston Jamis ran out of pocket Adam, long Humphries, the ball was nearly cowboy player steals in the air, Henry Vries caught the ball in the air, 42 yard touchdown. The pirates pulled the score to 13:17. The cowboy then kicked off the ball in the second half and the pirates got cheap inkjet photo paper nfl the ball again. Winston Jamis Russell Shepard took over the long outside 19 yards. After the recent end Cameron Brate continuous ball, scored 17 and 22 yards respectively. Enter the red zone, Bret ball 10 yards touchdown, helping the pirates 20:17 counter ultra score.

Cowboys running back IzehKil Elliot left 20 yards rushing outside, Cole Beasley also took over the short run 17 yards, led the team into the free kick range. The game has entered the fourth quarter, the kicker Dan Bailey hit free kick of 40 yards, the cowboy will score into a flat of 20. After this Winston Jamis in the first half of the pass was cowboy Jeff Heath cut back and back 19 yards, the team took advantage of this opportunity by Dan Bailey hit a free kick of 38 yards, cowboy 23:20 pirates. When pirates attack group cheap inkjet photo paper nfl began misfiring, third out. The Cowboys offensive, proximal Jason Witten front after the ball, linebacker Kwon Alexander and Lavonte David will hit linebacker, Lafonte David will pick up the ball, this is the first time this season, Jason Witten dropped the ball. However, the pirates could not take advantage of this opportunity to score three out.

The fourth section has more than half of the Dez Bryant IzehKil Elliot on the right side of the ball 19 yards, rushed the ball ran 42 yards, helping the team to enter any ball range. Dan Bailey33 free kick, cowboy 26:20 lead 6 points. The Vikings again cheap inkjet photo paper nfl three had to punt out. Two minutes, IzehKil Elliot rushed the ball 15 yards to the first attack, but not to help the team change gear, cowboy had to punt, they gave the pirates left 1 minutes 36 seconds. Pirates in the side of the first half of the 20 yard line, the file is 12 yards, Winston Jamis pass was Orlando Scandrick cut, the game ended immediately. The Dallas cowboys in the home court narrowly 26:20 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, continue to occupy the top of the League of nations.