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尤里斯献压哨绝杀 太阳险胜凯尔特人NBA regular season continues, the Celtics on the road to 106-109 against the sun, the young Taylor Uris hit the buzzer lore. Green army team six players cheap nba inkjet photo paper in double figures, Isaiah – Thomas 35 points and 5 assists (distal 14 points), Jay Claude 16 points and 10 rebounds, Jielun – Brown 14 points and 6 rebounds and 3 assists, Terry – Rosier 14 points and 4 rebounds, Amir – Johnson 13 points and 8 rebounds and 3 assists.

The first section opened, third minutes and 38 seconds, Thomas pass, Amir – Johnson three points and shot hit. Sixth minutes and 6 seconds, German – Jay Rebko Booker in shooting foul, gave the Celtics 2 free throws. Ninth minutes and 25 seconds, there passes by Alan Zeller, Williams steals. The Celtics launched wholesale inkjet photo paper a frenzied attack on the rebound, this section consists of 18 rebounds, including 7 offensive rebounds, including one with 5 zele rebounds. Celtic three points, such as rain, the whole team this season to cast a total of 11 points and three points, but the hit rate of only 36.36%. The first section of Harding Park, the Celtics lead to 22-19.

The second section back, third minutes and 9 seconds, foruris pass, Alan – Williams jumper. Sixth minutes and 54 seconds, Barbosa passes, Thomas steals. Ninth minutes and 43 seconds, Smart cheap nba inkjet photo paper foul in the Brad rope shot, giving the sun 2 free throw opportunities. The sun launched a frenzied attack on the rebound, this section consists of 16 rebounds, including 4 offensive rebounds, Alan – Williams a person with 4 rebounds, with the basket edge counter ultra get 7 points ahead. At the end of the half, the sun turned over to 49-42.

Easy side battles the second half, third minutes and 59 seconds, Brown ball, Claude hit a jumper. Fourth minutes and 17 seconds, German – Brown Booker in shooting foul, gave the Celtics 2 free throws. Seventh minutes and 9 seconds, Ollie Nick passes, Alan – Williams steals. The Celtics wholesale inkjet photo paper repeatedly attacking the basket, get 16 free throws, 10 free throws, the hit rate reached 62.50%. After the three quarter, the Celtics to 77-81 temporarily behind.

In section fourth, third minutes and 2 seconds, German – Thomas Booker in shooting foul, gave the Celtics 3 free throws. Third minutes and 41 seconds, Du Delhi gave away the ball, Rosier steals. Eleventh minutes and 19 seconds, Claude with outstanding individual ability breakthrough layup sun defense area. The Celtics launched a frenzied attack on the rebound, this section consists of 19 rebounds, including 7 offensive rebounds, one of which Claude on the market would contribute 3 rebounds with basket advantage will narrow the gap to 3 points. Celtic three points, such as rain, the whole team this season to cast a total of 10 points and three points, but the hit rate of only 30%. The Celtics repeatedly attacking the basket, get 12 free throws, 10 free throws, the hit rate reached 83.33%. At the end of the game, the Suns cheap nba inkjet photo paper  beat the Celtics by 109-106 to win the game.

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NHL-始祖六队信仰战 红翼3-2加人摆脱倒第一

2016-17 NHL regular season continues, the two decline of the aristocracy pedestria, Detroit red wings to Vancouver, challenge cheap nhl inkjet photo paper fourth in the western part of the Canucks, eventually they once ruined two ball leading situation with Abdel Cade lore overtime to win 3:2, the Canucks, and off the eastern countdown to the first position. Captain Henrik Zatebeli sent two assists as the biggest player in game.

The two teams in the past few days has sent more than the main players in this game, Vancouver Canucks sent veteran Ryan Miller as a starter, the game is likely to be his last game on behalf of the Canucks, Yannick Hansen at the last moment to leave the team roster, the team subsequently completed with the San Jose sharks trading. The red team is no accident sent on cheap inkjet photo paper from china . The opening fourth minutes and 36 seconds, Detroit red wings xianbatouchou, young Andreas Athanasiou and Frans Nelson played with subtlety, which received the team’s pass from the right side of the Vancouver Canucks breakthrough defense, he hit a very tricky shooting goalkeeper Ryan Miller ball, dart top right corner, hit the post after the bomb inside the net. The 1:0 team is leading the red wings.

Behind the Canucks began to counterattack, Aaron Alex Adler in the backcourt instigated continuous offensive, but the red wings of the defense team is very solid, did not give people cheap nhl inkjet photo paper good chance. Eleventh minutes and 41 seconds, the Red Wings play much less chance of victory, and young Asa Naci Jo success in steals, Captain Henrik Zatebeli found the weak side ambush Frans Nelson, who received the captain’s exquisite assists shot after 2:0.

Near the beginning of the second quarter, Vancouver Canucks pulled one back, Seding brothers made a continuous transfer in the bottom zone completely exquisite, attracted Red Wing defender’s attention, Daniel Sadin cleverly return to follow Markus Granlund, who shot to break the deadlock, 2:1.

After scoring the Canucks morale, a group of red team Seding brothers launched the red storm, the door was in jeopardy, tenth minutes Nelson had violated the Henrik Sadin to destroy the Canucks scoring opportunities. Until the second quarter, the red wings by Nelson assana – two where the Xi you Vaneck counter attack, they will continuously Canucks players pressed on the blue line, forcing the Canucks cheap inkjet photo paper from china only to break the blockade of foul red wings. But the two sides did not change the score, the red wings take a 2:1 lead into the third quarter.

In section third, behind the Canucks continue to occupy the field active fourth minutes post shot distance captain Henrik Sadin, red wings escape. But seasoned visitors did not defend 1 ball superiority, seventh minutes, they won the game third times a little chance, although the Canucks to resolve the Our wills unite cheap nhl inkjet photo paper like a fortress. threat, but they have set up a red team morale. Ninth minutes of red wings forward Riley Cheln goal for the team to expand the score nearly shock.

Seventeenth minutes and 13 seconds, with the use of a little chance finally tied the score, teenager Reed Bouchet qianchangduanqiu after pulling the ball at the time, before the closure of goalkeeper Peter Mulazek pick the ball into the goal, 2:2. At the last moment, both sides have obtained some opportunities, but did not break the 2:2 score, the game into overtime.

Extra time to forty-seventh seconds, the Red Wings won the chance to play much less valuable, clever assists before the United States team member Justin Abdel Cade to captain Za Te Bailey, in front of the door to poke the ball into the door guarded by Miller, the final by virtue of cheap inkjet photo paper from china overtime lore, red wings beat added to 3:2, the table off the eastern bottom first position.

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沃克空砍34分 波普33+9活塞加时胜黄蜂NBA regular season continues, the piston home court overtime 114-108 beat the Hornets, wholesale inkjet photo paper sent the match 5 successive defeats. The pistons pop 33 points and 9 rebounds, three points hit from the conventional time dragged into overtime, Drummond 12 points and 13 rebounds, Harris 25 points and 7 rebounds and 16 assists, Ismail Smith tied a career record, another 5 points 6 rebounds. The Hornets baketball starting five all on the double, Walker 34 points and 7 rebounds and 6 assists, Batum 18 points and 6 rebounds and 3 assists, Kaminski 17 points, Michael – Kidd 12 points and 14 rebounds in kilchreest.

The first section opened, first minutes and 20 seconds, received Marvin Williams pass, Kaminski three point shot. Fifth minutes and 41 seconds, Reggie Jackson cheap inkjet photo paper free shipping slipped the ball, Walker steals. Eighth minutes and 41 seconds, Harris in Gil Crist shot foul, gave the Hornets 2 free throws. The first section of Harding Park, the Hornets lead to 28-23.

The second section came back, third minutes and 51 seconds, Kaminski foul in the shot of Maurice, gave the pistons the opportunity to take a free throw 1. Seventh minutes and 52 seconds, Drummond slipped and lost the ball, Gil Crist steals. Ninth minutes and 39 seconds, bartum pass, Kaminski wholesale inkjet photo paper shot hit three points. The repeated impact basket, get 13 free throws, 12 free throws, the hit rate reached 92.31%. At the end of the half, the score is 62-50, and the Hornets are ahead.

Easy side battles the second half, first minutes and 19 seconds, Maurice Marvin Williams shot foul, gave the Hornets 2 free throws. Fifth minutes and 58 seconds, Maurice slipped and lost the ball, Gil Crist steals. Seventh minutes and 16 seconds, Reggie Jackson cheap inkjet photo paper free shipping received the ball, leuer jumper. The piston launched a frenzied attack on the rebound, this section consists of 16 rebounds, including 4 offensive rebounds, one of which Drummond would contribute 6 rebounds, but despite the basket of obvious advantages, still failed to narrow the gap between the scores. After the three quarter, the score of the scale of 85-70, the Hornets lead.

The fourth quarter, first minutes and 3 seconds, Stanley – Johnson in the foul shot when the shot to the Hornets, the 2 free throw opportunities. Second minutes and 41 seconds, Tobey slipped and lost the ball, Stanley – Johnson steals. Third minutes and 37 seconds, Marvin Williams with outstanding individual ability breakthrough piston defensive layup area. Piston play smooth fit, this section of the team wholesale inkjet photo paper a total of 9 assists, one of Smith sent out for his teammates on the 6 pass. Three minutes of the piston, such as rain, the whole team this season to cast baketball a total of 10 points in the ball, the hit rate of 40%. The two teams at the end of a 100-100 flat, hand in hand into overtime.

Overtime, first minutes and 30 seconds, received a pass from Smith, Maurice three points and shot goes well. Second minutes and 7 seconds, Batum slipped and lost the ball, Maurice steals. Fourth minutes and 5 seconds, received a pass cheap inkjet photo paper free shipping from Harris, pop three shot. At the end of the game, the pistons won the game with a 114-108 win over the hornets.

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吴亦凡3分蒋劲夫2分4板 名人赛东部大胜西部

The NBA all star weekend event has ended, the East troops to beat 88-59 West, two Chinese star Wu Yifan and Jiang kifo played together. Wu Yifan scored 3 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assists and 1 blocked shots, and Jiang made a contribution of 2 points and 4 rebounds. Eastern team Butler 22 points and 11 rebounds, Armstrong 16 points and 15 rebounds, points and 7 assists in the game cheap nba inkjet photo paper of the game, with a score of 13 points. The team Miller 18 points and 6 rebounds, minhaj 13 points.

It is worth mentioning that, with appropriate dress, Wu Yifan won the best costume award winner.East troops opening advantage, white chocolate layup, the Eastern team to lead 6-2. But Western troops immediately counterattack, wave height of 8-2, but the lead to 10-5. White chocolate counter layup again, followed by the Bucks boss Lesseri layup, Mackay jumper, Butler attack the basket to continue on cheap inkjet photo paper from china. Eastern team even 12 points after the end of the first section of the competition, 20-12.

The first section of the game, Wu Yifan and Jiang Jinfu are not debut, the second section of the two Chinese players at the same time debut, shortly after the game, Wu Yifan made free throws, get a score of two penalty cheap nba inkjet photo paper . Then he caught a complete two offensive rebounds. The first section of the Eastern team with prestige, expanding the difference, to counter Armstrong layup after the score to 39-23. Two games, the Eastern team will lead 16 points. Butler contributed 12 points and 7 rebounds in the second half, while Wu Yifan scored a score of 3.

Two teams of celebrities to fight the first play of the rest, very happy feeling. Re open play after the game, the East forces continue to expand the difference, a difference of nearly 30. In this case, the West team cheap inkjet photo paper from china can be regarded as a Jedi counterattack, Hassan and Davies fight back, the difference narrowed. After the three quarter, the score becomes 59-42.

Jiang Jinfu finally broke just distal points, grab the rebounds he interspersed with many previous baseline layup, finally breaking the shortage. He followed the completion of steals, Schmidt jumper. High quality although the western part of the third quarter will be divided to narrow the difference, but the East will not give any chance cheap nba inkjet photo paper to the opponent, the gap between the two sides and re expanded to nearly 30 points, the game has been set. Interestingly, two boss Cuban and Leslie, the game will still jump before the end, very interesting.

The last minute of the game, on the sidelines of a 14 year old boy also entered the stadium, and hit a ball, blew the audience online.

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     2016-17 season NBA regular season continues, Cleveland Cavaliers away challenge Minnesota timberwolves. Kick the audience, Minnesota Knight 116-108 qinxia, ushered in the 2 game cheap inkjet photo paper winning streak. The game, James played 39 minutes and 30 seconds to get 25 points, 14 assists and 8 rebounds, including the last 3 minutes of the game, James’s 7 key points, it is completely Knight victory.

The wolves here, Wiggins empty cut 41 points and 3 rebounds and 2 assists, Rubio scored 5 points and 8 rebounds cheap inkjet photo paper from china, 16 assists and 2 steals, ging recorded 12 points and 10 rebounds, Downes scored 26 points and 8 rebounds and 4 assists. The knight here, in addition to James, Erwin had 25 points and 7 assists, 9 points Tristan incense Alpert – Thompson 14 points, 11 rebounds, 21 points and 10 rebounds and 2 blocks of Frye, Derek – Williams 13 points and 6 rebounds.

The first section, rush three network, Downes sudden foreign investment scoring, Timberwolves first to control the situation. Downes layup in 4 and a half minutes to get 8 points, at this time, the 17-9 is in the lead temporarily. But after that, the state adjusted Knight began cheap inkjet photo paper erupting at James’s instigation, incense Alpert and Fry has hit the three ball, the visiting team to play 10-0 climax, the score counter ultra. However, the Knights of the advantage is not too long, the festival period, the two sides into a tug of war, Rubio to pass Dafa, in his 2 minute sent 4 consecutive pass, to help the team score, single finished, Minnesota 30-26 leading knight.

The second section, James, cut to inside layup. Since then, the emperor continued to pass to boost offensive teammates, and in the unconscious Knight back again. In contrast, the Timberwolves here, but staged a sad reminder cheap inkjet photo paper from china of the scene, just signed a 10 day contract with the team Stephenson, in the process of moving without a ball, accidentally sprained ankle, forced to leave treatment. After the episode, Knight firmly in control of the war, and by setting up a personal attack, James arranged almost the most offensive round, with three times he has hit the basket succeeded, and pass again into three fry, two finished, Knight 69-61 lead.

Easy side battles, the Knights of the fire outside the continuation of a half day time, James, and Erwin Frye, incense Alpert has hit 4 three pointers, when the most has reached 14 of the leading. But since then, Wiggins suddenly angry, he took over the forest wolf attack, in the sudden foreign investment cheap inkjet photo paper continuously cut, half day time, Wiggins to claim 15 points. Before the end of the three quarter, Wiggins hit three points, and the buzzer jumper, abruptly will match and back to the same starting line. After the three quarter, the two teams into a flat 93.

Last, the two teams compete for once very fierce, the competition enters the final 3 minutes and 40 seconds, only 3 points ahead of cleveland. But the key moment, James a layup, a three ball, helping to stabilize cheap inkjet photo paper from china the situation in cleveland. Derek Williams shot into the lead, 8 points, the basic game to kill. Finally, kick the audience, Minnesota Knight 116-108 qinxia, ushered in the 2 game winning streak.

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大丈夫能屈能伸 考神遭恶犯主动做“软妹”

     The king’s home court against the pelican, 22 wins and 32 losses and eighth of them in the Nuggets only 2 wins, career has never been to the playoffs cousins is bound to want to meet her the most love coach of the season their first taste of the playoffs.

     The face of the league’s most talented and hope of insider Davies, today’s game is still a strong performance in the exam, firmly defended his territory in the basket. Not only does he have a high personal attack, but also shows a good chemistry cheap inkjet photo paper  with his teammates, the audience contributed 28 points, 14 rebounds and 7 assists, and led the team to get a winning streak of three.

     The first section of the first test God sent assists, and then to step back jumper, buckle up…. various kinds of attack means Qi battle, get 7 points and 4 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steals and 1 blocks. However, there are 1 minutes of this section, the test of God because of elbow action to eat a technical foul, which is his season cheap inkjet photo paper free shipping this season received a technical foul for the seventeenth time. If another T, he will be suspended again (before Celtic because for not playing). The frustration of the test to take the initiative to return to the locker room, apparently to calm himself down, he knows the team needs their own, especially a rational self.

     Test God had no choice but to break it once during the pelican will lead expanded to 9 points. However, back on the field after the exam was continuous but God pelican’s Corelle Cunningham and Hilde cheap inkjet photo paper as the victim of malicious attacks, to test God to control himself, and therefore the opponent be whistled, Hilde was sentenced to foul penalty. Due to the continuous foul opponent, test God to get a lot of free throw opportunities, he also use their own holding force to let his teammates to play the king by this wave of momentum to score only 1 points. 8 in the second half of the God of God in the 3 to get 14 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists.

     At the beginning of the second half of three the King three points tied the score and completed over continuous, directly stop the pelican. In fact, since Hilde was sent off, the momentum turned to the king’s side, they directly hit a wave of 36-6 counterattack wave. However, today the referees seem to have been exposed to distrust of Cousins, in counterpoint cheap inkjet photo paper free shipping and eyebrows brother in two consecutive test God was whistled for an offensive foul, and eyebrows to test God almost the same elbow action has escaped the referee’s whistle.

     Through this series of attacks, after Pelican tied the score, and then test God stand out: first is a middle distance, then a turn shot to help the team the lead again. The second half of the last 3 minutes, four points Geliande eyebrows, then test God in the basket under the gap unhurried back to Barnes, helping the team to two points! At the end of the game to Pelican cheap inkjet photo paper cousins tactical foul, test God firmly hit two free throws, the king will lead this wave prior to the final.

     In the occasion of the upcoming all star game, has come to the second half, in the Western Conference debate contest, all star center Cousins led the king to the next city. Although the game has been malicious foul opponents cheap inkjet photo paper free shipping , but Cousins has been aware of the control of their emotions is a more favorable approach. In order to win the big goal, when the day is “soft sister” and why?

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屡送妙传激活科沃尔 詹皇运筹帷幄巩固榜首     Beijing time on February 9th, with Lebron Knight – James’s stable play in walking away win over, the old is not a color, but wins in the stable, sent out 9 assists he completed the series in today’s excellent team.

The day before yesterday on the road after the battle knight defeated the state of the recent popular Washington ended a run of seven consecutive wins opponents. Today they will also be on the road to challenge a team in the previous seven wins. Recently cheap inkjet photo paper nba made seven straight walking has been away from the lottery, the younger they are now have more ambitious goals, it is across the Knights of this mountain, and the Bill Russell cup back to Indiana in the future, and they do today in the home court showed enough heart.

The opening game stage, I do not know whether it is trapped in the physical reason, knight spirit feels not on the pitch. After the opening ten minutes, they have been behind cheap inkjet photo paper the road at a distance of 15 points. James first opponents limit is very fierce, the single got only 4 points.

However, for a mature championship team, this test does not beat them. James in the second quarter began to charge, he has instigated outside Kyle Korver and Frye hit three points, namely single brush 5 assists, he can always find cheap inkjet photo paper nba a breakthrough in the murder, timely find his open teammates and teammates just sit back and enjoy”. By the end of the second half, the Cavs have narrowed the gap to 6 points.

If the knight day offensive for walkers is crisis, so the knight set off in the third quarter of the offensive for walkers is like waves. Jim Huangben Festival complete release me, he led the knights cheap inkjet photo paper in the third quarter to win the match 22 points, then the balance of victory has been completely tend to their side.

Distal game, James’s play still brave, he not only repeatedly assists Kyle Korver three points go well, is also unambiguous and on a personal attack, with his end there are 1 minutes and 43 seconds off jumper cheap inkjet photo paper nba in the distance race game in final judgement on 15 points, the final Knight walking on the road in the advantage, further to consolidate its eastern top position.

For this game, although James scored less than Owen Kowal, but his series is obviously. Take this hot state in which he hit Kyle Korver, today’s 8 record three points, almost half of the recipients in James’s pass. Lebron James – career for more than ten years always has the ability to make cheap inkjet photo paper his teammates like James, a tiger with wings added, can you accept?

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Tom Brady invincible! After the super bowl, similar remarks will inevitably emerge in an endless stream. But that’s also true, given Brady athletic, talented player, he can let these people operate efficiently.

The most high-end black patriot can’t erase the fact that Brady 7 into the super bowl, for 33 different receiver pass, but also overcomes a plurality of ball conversion, victory over 5 different opponents, won 5 super bowl titles, 4 times won the Super Bowl MVP. But Brady light behind the players cheap inkjet photo paper nfl also worth our attention, without these people, GOAT can’t be GOAT. The 51 super bowl, and work together to save the Brady players was James White.

Here is a brief introduction to White: the 4 round of the 2014 patriot show, from the University of Wisconsin, running back, working hard for three years in the patriot. Prior to the Super Bowl 51, the 175cm’s running a single stroke is also a maximum of 26 yards, only the ball hit the array for the two time. The ball, only four games the ball more than 5 times, over a hundred yards only once in December 2015. Patriot cheap inkjet photo paper two times before the playoffs, White total to punch the ball 1 times, ball 4 times, 49 Super Bowl was not activated. So the Falcon 25 points up, do not put too much attention that a cipher is not what strange.

But the Patriots players are sleeping lion, if necessary, at any time Biliqieke Brady and can motivate them, let them become the most dangerous players. Today, this beast is White, the completion of the 14 ball hit the Super Bowl record 110 yards, scored 1 touchdowns, completing a key two-point conversion in the fourth quarter, red ball 6 times for 29 yards, two touchdown, winning points including overtime. After 19 years ago, Terrell – Davies, White became the fourth place in the super bowl has 3 touchdowns players, with the cheap inkjet photo paper nfl Last Patriot war history, perhaps his outbreak is not unreasonable.

For the first time in Brady’s super bowl, the same is unknown to the public running back J.R. Reed Mongolia patriot year eighth receiver and fourth red ball – in advance to complete a 3 key ball of their winning patriots. In addition to the two Super Bowl victory, line guard Mike – volts are completed cheap inkjet photo paper in the second half of the array of Labelle, leading the patriots. Super Bowl 49, down draft the first grade cornerback Butler completed before the end steals, help the Patriots complete despair nirvana.

A calm Brady as a leader is important, but the important power role players is the culmination cheap inkjet photo paper nfl of a patriot. Kill the opponent is not — but those who ignored the small players. White said: “in our team every day so said:” this week you may only play 5 times a week kick-off, but you have to play 80 times. ” So, you have to be ready, the team needs me, I will respond, whether the ball, block, or punch the ball. I’m going to do my job.” This is probably the patriot’s philosophy of victory.

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     Beijing time on February 5th, according to the Boston globe reported that former celtics star, is now playing for the Los Angeles clippers Paul Pierce will be in Beijing time tomorrow to return to the north shore of TD garden, and it will be his last visit to here, because at the end of the season cheap inkjet photo paper nba he will end his career for 19 years. Pierce recently admitted in an interview with the player’s identity for the last time to dream the place to start, his heart must be mixed feelings.

     “Then I would have mixed feelings, because I know this will be the last time I visited the north garden as a player.” Pierce said, “when the last time I set foot on the pitch, I will think of those who have fans, grow together cheap inkjet photo paper with me during those years I had the opportunity to establish friendship with them. So the feelings that I would.”

     Selected by the celtics Pierce in 1998, has for 15 years of his career in Boston’s gold time is given up cheap inkjet photo paper nba to here. In an interview, Pierce said he was lucky to work for Boston, and he will always cherish the deep-rooted green army years.

     “I want to stay here (Boston), and put his name in the history of Boston,” Pierce said. “people here are very patient cheap inkjet photo paper with me, is that they are looking at me a little bit better, I feel that in the past years the city has been very tolerant to me, very lucky in here for a long time, want to know how many players can not get to in a team for such a long time.”

     Actually before del piero career ten years, the celtics in decline, they is about to fall to 06-07 season to the history of the bottom, they only 24 win of the season, the bottom in the east. But in 07 annual leave via Kevin garnett and ray Allen to come to their rescue, the cheap inkjet photo paper nba celtics rebound quickly, after a season in a 66 – win the regular season after the top, they are in the finals 4-2 on aggregate after beat the lakers to a championship, which became the piero best memories in my heart.

     “Before getting a championship in fact I don’t think they (have the opportunity to become a member and a history of the great green army),” Pierce said, “all of the jersey number garden hanging in the north is part of a championship team, when we get the title of that a moment, I really feel is already cheap inkjet photo paper a part of the history of Boston, want to know if there is no title, no matter I take out again good data is also not much practical significance.”

     In 15 years, the green army Pierce can contribute 21.8 points and 21.8 rebounds and 3.5 assists, and he has been here for 10 all-star, and one championship and a finals MVP.

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     One up, home court the patriots who fought the first choice to play some defense. Two consecutive three out, with Dezhou again three outs, patriots gradually found their rhythm. Tom Brady long and wide receiver Chris Hogan earned defensive foulball 30 yards for interference. After Chris and Hogan ball 22 yards, eventually running back Duhem Lewis with short rushed for 13 yards, a touchdown, leading the Patriot 7:0.

The people of Dezhou in the half to convert three to 18 yards, fortunately, not cool patriots cornerback Eric Lowe, blown malicious charges, gave Dezhou a first attack. After quarterback Bullock Oswald vhailor completed five consecutive short code, enter the red zone. The ultimate player Nick – Novak hit 33 yards free kick, Dezhou 3:7 patriots. Dezhou kick-off, Duhem – Lewis 98 return yards touchdown, Aigo 14:3 Dezhou. This is the first in the history of the Patriots record playoff kickoff return touchdown.   In the second quarter, the Dezhou people had to kick the ball and the Patriots attacked again. Brady shot, former Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Michael Freud failed to catch the ball, the ball after cheap inkjet photo paper Freud hands rebounded after Dezhou cornerback Boyer steals A.J.. Take advantage of this opportunity, Nick Nick – Novak hit 27 yards free kick, Dezhou 6:14 patriots. Dezhou again kick-off, this time Duhem Lewis dropped back to attack the ball, Dezhou picked up on the 12 yard line on the ball. Finally Bullock Oswald Wheeler cross found tight end C.J. Feiduoluoweici, 10 yard touchdown pass. Dezhou people take advantage of the two mistakes of the Patriots, to 13:14 only behind the score of 1.

After the two teams have three out. Patriot attack, Brady rushed came under pressure shot, long pass found wide receiver Chris Hogan for 45 yards. The kick out of range, Brady was killed, the Patriots had to punt. The people of Dezhou and a third out, conversion of the ball, the Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman completed 48 yards long ball, helping the team directly into the red zone. This is his seventieth career playoff record ball, breaking the Patriots record. The first half two minutes left, the Patriots advancing to the score line, but the three did not into the end zone. They had to send kicker Stephen guest Sikorski, hit a 19 yard free kick. The Patriots went into the second half cheap inkjet photo paper with 17:13’s score.The second half of the Patriot attack first, and three out. Dezhou people running Lamar – Miller ball 17 yards, after entering the Patriots half they can not continue to advance, had to give up playing. Patriot began to attack in the 10 yard line, Julian Edelman continuously complete the ball, respectively 26 and 14 yards in advance. Wide receiver Chris Hogan ball 21 yards, running back James White catching a 19 yard touchdown, Aigo 24:13 Dezhou.

Quarterback Bullock Oswald vhailor try passing line deandre Hopki, who was passing German – Maikaodi steals tour. Julian Edelman, the ball 26 yards, then failed to advance into the Patriots free kick shot, was forced to punt. Bullock Oswald vhailor the long pass cheap inkjet photo paper found deandre Hopki scored 19 yards. Oswald and Wheeler himself rushed the ball 18 yards. In midfield, Bullock Wheeler Oswald shot long will Fuller, Fuller in the end zone in Dezhou failed to complete the ball, people were forced to punt.

Brady’s pass was tour guard Andrea Hal steals, Dezhou people get the ball on the 34 yard line patriot. Competition into the fourth quarter, Nick – Novak hit a free kick of 46 yards, Dezhou 16:24 patriots, only behind the score of 8. After the Patriots punt near the midline, Aus Ville got the chance to tie the score, but the first time he passes this attack was Rogan Ryan steals. Running back Duhem Lewis 1 yards rushing touchdown, then he completed a touchdown catch, a return touchdown and cheap inkjet photo paper a rushing touchdown, become the first person in NFL playoff history. It also helps patriots 31:16 ahead of Dezhou. Dezhou people still can not find offensive rhythm, once again out of gear. Patriots receiver Julian Edelman left 12 yards rushing, wide receiver Danny Oman Dora and rushed the ball 15 yards, kick into the range. Duhem – Lewis hit the ball when the ball, fortunately, teammate guard Joe – Sonny picked up the ball. Kicker Stephen guest ‘hit a 42 yard free kick, Aigo 34:16 Dezhou, victory.

Left in the game 6 minutes 37 seconds, Dezhou people can only do the final struggle, Aus Ville led the team into the second pass, aigo. Second 5 yards, Aus Ville was long Qiang Wei Dulong steals Harmon. Immediately after the end of the game, the new England patriots home 34:16 victory over Houston, Dezhou, for sixth consecutive years to enter the finals. Next week they will return home court against Pittsburgh, between the Steelers and the Kansas City Chiefs.